“Jesus Was Never Poor” – Kenyan Bishop Allan Kiuna Defends Lavish Lifestyle; Hopes To Get Private Jet Soon Cause It’s Tedious To Fly Commercial.


Kenyan pastor Bishop, Allan Kiuna of the Jubilee Christian Church in Nairobi, has defended his lavish lifestyle following criticisms on social media.

Bishop Kiuna’s church has 15 Kenyan branches and five international churches.

According to The Star, the Bishop has been posting series of photos of his family’s Christmas vacation in Australia. He travels with his wife, the Rev Kathy Kiuna, their three children, Vanessa, Stephanie and Jeremy, two grandchildren and their Australian and South African sons-in-law.

The family lives in posh Runda, their stable of cars include a Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz. They wear designer clothes, watches and accessories. They always fly first class.

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