Woman who has been suffering from incessant domestic abuse from her police husband dies


One Torkwase Queen Awuna has died on December 24, after she was allegedly brutally beaten by her husband Lorember Ade, a police officer in the Operation Department of Benue State Police Command in Makurdi, Benue State.

According to Boldness Deterhama, who is her brother, he said after the beating, she was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi but later taken to Benue State University Teaching Hospital Makurdi, where she finally died on Christmas Eve, December, 24.

The deceased had been a victim of domestic abuse since her marriage to Ade. She suffered a miscarriage after one of his numerous assaults. Shortly after the incident, she took in again and delivered a set of twins but one died shortly after few hours later due to beatings she received all through the pregnancy.

Meanwhile, in 2015, police officers locked up the deceased, with her then five month-old-baby into jail, after she fought with her husband’s lover Jennifer Usu.

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